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yellow tulips bought by me for me..

today was nice..despite the fact that it is v-day...a most loathsome day. I had a midterm on healthy aging ...i had to write about erikson's theory of psychosocial biz in my exam and it got me thinking... in your old age you will more or less follow one of two of integrity or one of despair. you will have either lived a life you feel good about or not.. i want to make the most of this body while i still can. The skiing this winter has never been this good. it's one of the benefits of living in the middle of nowhere, there is nothing to do but enjoy what exists here naturally. the x-country ski club here is one of the best in the world. over 100 km of groomed trails, it's amazing. you can really feel that you are alone when you are sweeping across some of the wind/snow swept bogs and ridges..the woods feel like they have rarely hosted people... lots of scrubby fir and birch. one thing that i notice here is that the birds aren't friendly like the ones in Sk...they won't come and eat out of my hands.

I watched 'little miss sunshine'.. that is a really great movie...i bought some some yellow tulips after school today, they are beautiful. the way christine... do i enjoy eating the fatty flippers of baby seals baked in a slimy grey gravy in a lard pastry needed to ask?

I stopped eating creatures of the land and sky when i was 11...if i could make seal-er flipper pie i would..
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