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what to do?

Well, this summer has been pretty much a laze about festival. i am not working...just, caring for the pup. i must say i'm getting a bit bored. i'm going out swimming today, like yesterday. munir has laringitis, poor guy. i bought him a supper fancy dingy which holds 4...he is obsessed with now. the 'challenger 400' is many steps up from the 'venture 200', a peice of crap we have been using for 6 years..i think i paid 10 bucks for. i love the inflatable boat. we took it out yesterday, played in massey lake, it was great. friday we head out to the cabin for the weekend, it's going to be supppper hot. i prefer playing on the lake... in the ocean you get driven ashore constantly....but ther is more life and stuff to look at at the beach. last night we were over at the house i am cat sitting for...whatching their ginormeous flat screen magic set, a real treat....i read throuhg the dean and deluca cookbook, found some excellent recipes...yummmers. talked more about babies, whether or not to try sooner than 3 years when i'm done shcool. may start trying in a year....think mom is wondering...what is that sheila kitzinger book doing beside jenna's bed? i'm going to make some bancha tea and drive out to the cabin. it is raining lightly and is dead calm. there has never been so many whales around the shores in recent history...high numbers of caplin (small fish the whales eat) munir's obsession with sharks last week was reinforced nicely when news broke some fisher people had just caught a mako shark in a bay near us...makos are not suppose to be in these waters...but thanks to record breaking water tempertures...our florida, south atlantic maneater friends are coming to join in the fun. i have no fear...i will still snorkel and swim, makos or not.
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