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snorkels and cats

Today it's raining. i had plans to go out snorkeling and camping but the rain sort of muddied my desire. i'm thinking about many things...all the things that i'm not doing and how i have so much time and freedom right now and i am not using my time well. i am studying and reading about tarot and having fun with that. wish i had more friends. spending every waking moment with manir, which is all i want..but when he is working during the day i miss the nut. sadly he will be leaving soon, mid august for 4 weeks and then october..for 2 years. this is not good. there will be much driving. he is triyng to get placed in bonne bay which is in the national park 1 hour north of here. this i could handle. norris point, where the the hospital is , is beautiful. i would move there in a second. it's paradise. maybe we will stay there, who knows. i know i could work there as soon as I graduate...might be a great place to be. remote, beautiful....good for the raising of baby wolf pups. munir is so different than me, but it's good. last night we were all over at my parent's best friends for supper...eating laughing, daves' sister was there with her 8 yr old daughter. they are from winnipeg and she is married to a kurdish man..(on the iran side). so that was interesting looking at munirs face.. I could see the pain of the mention of iran. i can't imagine what this man has seen. his brother will be in baghdad today, he left two days ago from montreal...everyone is worried. I know the day will come when munir goes back to visit as well and it makes me sick thinking abovut it. all the commercial flights landing and taking off at the one airport have flying in a spiraling pattern to avoid being hit by missiles..mmmm. it's hard for me to understand where this man comes from most days. we try to talk, but it makes him sad. he says that he will always tell me whatever i want to know...but i think that it impossible. someone who has seen dead bodies in the street and listened to the sounds of bombs and missiles over head for years...will never be able to share how he feels. we try to understand one another seems to ressolve things. we had a nice night of eating and watching the cats and pippa play. after dessert we left to go out and find a new snorkel and mask for was pretty halarious watching him and hearing him talk with the mask on...then we headed over to tim hortons for coffee and we had fun looking at our hands and reading my palmistry book..then we toodled over to my house where we played cards with mom....munir has been winning at every card game we's driving me i thought i would try to have mom play and sure mom quietly cleaned up. the guy is pretty matter what he says. i'm eating and snacking way too much these days...that empty hole feeling has been lessening...i need christine to visit with...i miss her so much. all my friends are having babies these days...they are's odd. it's so hot in sk. i'm glad i'm here in cool newfoundland. thta is the one opressive thing that i don't want to return too in sk. i've been swimming lots, the ocean is strangely warm these days. i keep thinking that this may be a good place to terms of new weather trends. the west coast of nl.
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