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i'm sipping my peppermint tea and have a smelly spaniel on my lap. munir left yesterday after visiting for the weekend. we had a really good time. i made ethiopian food and injera...which was surprisingly good. it's taken me about 3 years to figure out how to make the stuff....but it was worth it..or so i thought. i got sick later that night and have subsequently decided never to eat eth. food ever again. arrhhh. i am in love with munir. i realized this when i saw him in my living room waiting for me on thursday. he has been in grandfalls for 2 weeks and i wasn't sure how being separated from him would be. it was awful. i missed him..his smell, his calm energy, his voice. we spent one niht out at the cabin and watched march of the was nice and quiet. the stars were out and the water was glassy. i taught him how to build a fire in the wood stove..we had sleepytime tea and went to sleep. i'min my second week of school. enjoying it actually. there is something pleasant about not being in the first year of anything. after thses two semesters i will be half done. i want to knit a dog sweater. i miss sk. ok for now.
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