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today is the day

i'm calling munir and breaking up with him on the webcam. it's the best i can do. well, perhaps not the best, but it's all i can muster. i may driveout next weekend, i own him that at least. he was going to come out here, but i may tell him not too. last night i was out at martins' again and it was better than i had expected, he actually makes me laugh. i've never been with someone who can do that. munir only made me laugh when he would says things like:
Jenna: "man, that was a hard exam...I'm tired. you're going to have to cut me some slack tonight ok?"

Munir: (thick accent) "whaat? you want me to make you some slacks?"

theese were never intentional attempts at humor, and so the laughter was often only from me. "jenna, are you laughing at me?" munir's best try at humor was to tell me about funny things that 'joey' from a freinds episode would which i would often say very little. my sister said it was an ill match from the get go, same with mom. me too. i should never have gotten involved. that is what happens when you start something with the wrong intentions. i was lonely.

martin is a new breed of man for me, though i seem to ask creation for a few specifics in the man department, for the universe was testing me last night. on the table, i saw a blasted lopy wool hat, like stevens' ...then later when looking at pictures..out came a converted school bus he had worked on. ...then later mention of street preforming and his talent for juggling fire...i guess jenna has to resign to the fact that i attract a special variety of men. though never have i met someone so engaging and genuinely nice. were still getting to know each other, but we are very comfortable with each other, there is no awkaardness. it's like a fresh batch of bread....its just come out of the oven and my mouth is like water, wanting to rip into it. i want to jump in...but it's silly, and i like it.
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